This summer must be Pick fashion, is this pair of high-heeled slippers! Kendall,Jeanne is wearing, you are not going to have a pair?

Editor's special recommendation

Muller shoes

CULT GAIA pleated leather sandals: $402

Available at Net-a-porter

Muller shoes

SOULIERS MARTINEZ leather-trimmed suede mules: $418

Net-a-porter is on sale

Mango high heel leather sandals: 359 yuan

Mango high heel leather sandals: RMB 359

It is on sale on the official website.

Muller's shoes

Zara asymmetric belt high heeled Muller shoes: RMB 299

Zara official website is available for sale

This summer Pick is fashionable the goods these high heels slippers Kendall Jeanne are in wear a pai

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