Yan Yafeng didn't know if she didn't have a lip, but she looked so beautiful when she wore a sling knit skirt.


Yuya denied the lips: just like to fill the lips (picture from VCG)

Hyun Ya denies that lips are full of lips: just like to be covered with lips

Knitted sling skirt because of the falling feeling is better, it is very easy to highlight a good figure, many stars also have love. Compared with a long knitted sling skirt, a short one will look very refreshing.

Hyunya is wearing a macaron knitted sling skirt (photo from VCG)

泫雅 wearing a macarons knit dress

Knitted sling skirt this kind of sling skirt knitting material, has the outstanding flexibility, can perfectly fit the figure curve. This also causes it to be more picky about the figure, if it is the girl who has the right figure, the concave and convex figure curve, the seductive ability is absolutely full score.

Behatti Prince: Paco Rabanne plaid sling skirt LV boots (photo from VCG)

Behati Prinsloo: Paco Rabanne Plaid Sling Knit Skirt LV Booties

Decorated sling knitted skirt because of the particularity of the material, there will be feminine gentle attribute bonus, so if you choose tough Martin boots in the collocation, you will wear different handsome.

Blogger Aimee Song Rough Plaid (picture from VCG)

Blogger Aimee Song Ruffle Plaid Pants

The knitted skirt of type A umbrella skirt, in addition to having a good sense of pure comfort, may also set off the figure more tall. At the same time, if the girl with strong legs, choose the A-character profile, it will be more divided.

Blogger Caroline Daur (pictures from VCG)

Blogger Caroline Dau

The stretching principle of vertical stripes is well known, combined with the shape of the umbrella skirt, will be much higher visually.

Lady Gaga Street: House of CB sling skirt Jimmy Choo pointed shoes Celine handbag (photo from VCG)

Lady Gaga Street Sling: House of CB Sling skirt Jimmy Choo Tip shoes Celine handbag

If that figure is confident enough, the knit dress is no doubt the best tool. Like Gaga, a simple bag with a skirt, plus a regular handbag, simply creates a queen's gas field.

Taken at Chaoren Street (photo from VCG)

Trendy street photography

The green tone is a super-white color, and the irregularity of the skirt makes the dress look more elegant. The overall color matching is very high-level.

Anna Faris Street Shoot (picture from VCG)

Anna Faris Street shoot

Metal color is also a hot element, with Martin boots to wear stylish and handsome.

Courtney Kardashian Street Shoot: Reformation Ginger Low-cut Tight Skirt, Chanel Handbag (picture from VCG)

Courtney Kardashian Street shot: Reformation ginger low chest tight sling skirt, Chanel handbag

Of course, you can also change into sports full of small white shoes, more street feeling.

Dakota Johnson: trimmed umbilical vest, black and white bellowed knitted skirt (photo from VCG)

Dakota Johnson: trimmed umbilical vest, black and white bellowed knitted skirt

The combination of sling vest and half-body knitted skirt shows the design of waist line and makes it easy to wear the sense of vision of long legs.

Wear Hyun Ya good figure street racket sling skirt perfect stylish star curve figure

Hyunya Fengwei rich lips but she wear sling knitting skirt appearance too beautiful

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