European and American bloggers are fascinated by the swimsuits wearing a new wave: how to wear can be fairy, thin, beautiful?


On a hot summer day, I want to run to the seaside, or find a pool to soak water and enjoy the cool.

A few beautiful swimsuits have become a must-have for girls. Come to the trend of the coming, one of the color of the skin, a piece of retro one-piece, stylish, bikini sexy, it seems that every one should come... In short, girls in order to buy a beautiful swimsuit, Can give birth to a hundred reasons.

Blogger red man interpretation swimsuit

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Blogger red person deducts swimsuit outside wea

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However, the swimsuits look good but there are not many occasions to wear, not to mention that some swimwear are expensive now. Is there any way to bring them into everyday wear? Of course! IG's bloggers are recommended to wear swimsuits, which can not only bring a variety of ways to swimwear, but also add a little holiday Feel to the casual style of the weekdays. It's great, learn it right away!

Europe and America bloggers infatuation swimsuits wear fashion wear talent fairy thin beautiful

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