In the summer of 2019, the most IN single item came: cool and thin, my summer wardrobe was contracted by this suit shorts!

Caia Gobber (Kaia Gerber)

The picture comes from the photographer / creator himself

Caia Gobber (Kaia Gerber)

Image extension reading: Kaia Gerber

Hot summer, which kind of dress is the most cool and stylish and easy to move? The answer is: shorts!

There are still a lot of choices for summer shorts, and the first one is definitely denim shorts. There are N in the wardrobe of every girl, but would you wear her to the company? I am afraid I still feel a little "formal"~

2019 Spring and Summer New York Fashion week show outside the street shoot

Image from photographer/creator himself

2019 Spring and Summer New York Fashion week show outside the street shoot

Image extension reading: street shooting European and American street shooting New York Fashion Week Show off street shooting New York street shooting 2019 spring and summer

The cycling pants that have been popular since last summer seem to be a little better in terms of fashion and "formal sense", especially with suits, especially for the show. But it is not easy to wear this kind of pants. The meat is strong, and if you don’t have a piece of meat, you can’t wear the beauty of the line. The editor still gives up...

There are also Bermudian shorts that have been popular in previous years, whether from the layout or the length are a little too, pick, people! As a member of the Habisians, the Bermudian shorts that the editor bought at the time were "reduced to" pajamas. (it's expensive to buy, tears).

2019 summer IN single come cool show thin summer wardrobe this suit shorts contract

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